Word 2007: Creating a New Document

Lesson 7: Creating a New Document



Word 2007In addition to working with existing documents, you will want to be able to create new documents. Each time you open Word, a new blank document appears; however, you will also need to know how to create new documents while an existing document is open. 

In this lesson, you will learn how to create new documents—including templates and blank documents—via the Microsoft Office button.

New documents

To create a new blank document:

  • Click the Microsoft Office button.
  • Select New. The New Document dialog box appears.
  • Select Blank document under the Blank and recent section. It will be highlighted by default.
    New Document
  • Click Create. A new blank document appears in the Word window.

You can access templates that are installed on your computer or on Office Online. Click the Microsoft Office button and select New. You can create blank documents and access templates from the dialog box that appears.


  • Open Word. A blank document appears in the window.
  • Type the sentence GCFLearnFree.org is a great free resource.
  • Click the Microsoft Office button, and create a new blank document.
  • Close both Word documents without saving.