Meetup: Getting Started with Meetup

Lesson 2: Getting Started with Meetup


Getting started with Meetup

Now that you know what Meetup is, you're probably wondering how to use it. Luckily, there are only a handful of steps required before you're able to start joining your own groups, attending events, and meeting new people who share the same passions as you.

Creating an account

Before joining any Meetup groups, you'll need to create a Meetup account. This is a pretty simple process, and the site guides you through each of the steps.

  1. Go to and click Sign up.
  2. A signup form will appear. Enter the necessary information, then click Sign up. You can also sign up using a Facebook or Google account.
  3. Once you've entered all of your information and verified your email address, you'll be prompted to select several interests from a list.
  4. Next, you'll be presented with several topics within each interest you chose. Select the topic(s) you're interested in to help Meetup narrow down the type of groups you might enjoy.
  5. Based on what you've chosen, Meetup will generate a list of groups in your area that you may be interested in joining. Click the + button in the top-right corner of each group you'd like to join.

Using the homepage

After signing up for an account, you'll be greeted with the homepage each time you sign in. From here, you can search for Meetup groups, access your profile, see what events your current Meetup groups have planned, and more.

Click the buttons in the interactive below to learn more about the Meetup homepage.

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You can use the calendar to view specific days and the events occurring on these days.