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Lesson 11: Android: More Resources


More resources

Learning your way around your device can feel overwhelming at times, especially because every Android device is different. Fortunately, there are many online resources that can help you learn more. We've compiled some of them below.

Help for your specific device

Looking for help with your specific phone or tablet—and didn't find what you were looking for in our tutorial? There are several strategies that you can try, starting with your manual and manufacturer.

  • Manual: Your owner's manual can be a great resource if your device came with one. If it didn't, you should find a copy on the manufacturer's website. To get there quickly, use one of the links below, or try searching the Web (for example, "Samsung Galaxy S5 manual").
  • Manufacturer support: On the subject of manufacturers, many of them provide their own guides, tutorials, and other types of support. For example, Samsung has several useful tools for the Galaxy S5, including this setup guide. To find out what types of resources your manufacturer offers, go directly to its support site.
  • Searching online: Beyond your manufacturer, there are several places to find help on the Web, including message boards, blog articles, and other community-driven sites. If you need help with something specific, try searching for it (for example, "Samsung Galaxy S5 won't turn on") to see what you can find.

Manufacturer support links